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Dear traders!

We would like to bring to your attention the unique service in every way that provides signals for binary options absolutely free. Portal Binarymag team came to a decision of the important problem for each trader so as you received the clear recommendation for action. Particularly the each signal has complete description that is sufficient to open a trade with broker. You can have the opportunity to work for 60 seconds, 5,15 and 60 minutes from us. Recommendations on some strategies are produced from our service and new mechanisms are introduced constantly which increase trades’ quality and quantity that you can make. As a result binary options and working shall be a lot easier.

When can you buy?

All trades are divided into categories on the Binarymag platform to consider binary option:
  • Preliminary trades. They are displayed in the tab "Preliminary + active". This is a special block where underlying assets is specified as well as time before entry, trading trend and expiration date. For example, preliminary unit marked "EUR/USD 00:03:05 up 15 minutes" informs that in three minutes and 5 seconds the trading signal is POSSIBLE as to EURO and USD upwards for 15 minutes.
  • Executive ones. They are displayed on the same tab as a special table. Only those recommendations get into this table which were preliminary and confirmed by means of algorithm. As soon as you see the signal is emerged in the table you shall buy the option. The sooner you will do it the more precise will be an entry point
  • Used ones. Following the executing signal is closed (at a profit or a loss) it is moved in column "Used". This is the trades’ history for a current day that is accessible without any restrictions and it’s possible to look all trades that were recommended by service as well as results of working on these trades.
Lifetime for each recommendation is 25 seconds. So after the signal emerged in the main table you have 25 seconds to open a broker’s platform, to perform all adjustments and press button "Buy". Only in this case you will be precise as much as possible and your results will be coincide with Binarymag platform results at most. Also please note that all trades are attached to a new minute that’s why the table updating is possible only at the start of minute. Never “catch up” the signal. If you are not in time to buy binary options it’s better doing nothing and waiting for the next opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities ( as a rule around a hundred for a day, that’s why it is better to miss one than feel sorry about incorrect entry. You know such signals for binary options online are not only from our portal at this page but also from users.

Restrictive conditions

Each trading signal is ensured with column “Safety” on the platform Binarymag. It points at what power has the specific recommendation. Safety may be changed from 0 to 12 and displayed as colours: red - weakly, yellow - neutral, green - hard. Correspondingly the higher value, it’s highly LIKELY that a trade is closed at a profit. Safety is not a guarantor that a trade –making process will be quite good. I cite an example. If a signal with safety 3 (it is closed at a profit in one candle) and signal with safety 11 (it is closed at a profit in 4th candle). That’s why the safety is important at distance although it can help the each binary options greatly in current trades. Following restrictions – leave market during economic news publication. The market is more unpredictable for such periods because news may shake the market and binary options become more unpredictable too. You may monitor for news issue at economic calendar (it is shown on our platform). When important news as to dollar is issued, so all assets to be related with dollars anyway should be ignored best as well as recommendations on them particularly. In general there is a simple rule- 10 minutes before news and 10 minutes after news the market must “recover breath” and come to life. Thereafter you can proceed to trade again.

Is it necessary to check signal?

Such questions are asked by rookies who are sure if trading recommendation arrives it will need to follow blindly and open a trade. It is not like that. Any signal, any strategy are a subjective view on market. This is a Binarymag team subjective view that informs you the recommendation and vision in that case. But final decision rests with trader! Be sure to perform a technical analysis before opening a position because it’s necessary. Read even comments to given page and you‘ll see that those traders have the best results which check every entry point independently and additionally. I’d like to cite an example how analytics improves the results.   For example, the trading signal arrives and legged doji with large shades was formed before it. This is a sure sign of market-based uncertainty and it’s not worth to trade and will be better to withhold. If a system recommend at this moment it’s better to ignore above recommendation. Signals for binary options may have a maximum profit only as follows.

Trading procedure

Complete rules as to the way of a contract purchase by a signal are shown above.   Now I’d like to pay your attention that all tables are provided with edges "1 candle", "2nd candle ", "3rd candle " and "4th candle ". It means that we calculate the Martingale algorithm for each binary option up to 4th candle, as long as the option is not closed with some profit or the 4th candle is not closed at a loss. Only trades for 60 seconds are exception, where calculation is performed for three candles. This discrepancy is related to that statistics shows the better results with value "3" for one minute expiration. We do the supplement on the platform steadily and a new functionality is emerged soon. Everyone can arrange the number of candles for calculation independently by means of new functionality.

Signals from traders

Each person can try on the role of signal operator on our web-site. You can activate an item for signals sending in menu and provide own recommendations for another   market player. Statistics is performed for current day for each person as well as for calendar week. Based on the results in trading the signal operators rating is in progress (it is accessible in menu on the left).

Martingale trades

All recommendations are to be related to so- called martingale trades. This principle is known as Martingale.   Such realizing becomes possible due to asking of many traders to do it and indeed many traders use such hedging element as Martin. Set of rules is here: -    regardless of links number a signal does not change. If it was on EURO/ USD     upwards for 1 minutes so the second candle is open under the same condition. The third one is open too, and the forth one is open too.
  • it needs to open trade as soon as the previous one is closed at a loss. That’s why keep the second contract ready for trade in order to actuate it for several seconds upon the first contract expiring (if there is necessity certainly).
As a result of such approach it’s possible to increase trading profit greatly but risks rise. I recommend for everybody to remember about it. Furthermore we have reached such statistics that permits to withdraw from Martingale. I recommend namely this thing. Platform short description Summarizing the above I’d like to make some resume, where free signals from platform for options will be touched in 2 words for traders online.  So the following is important for us: -  The page shall be always open in order to signal came. It may be in disabled tab but it shall be open surely. -  Preliminary recommendation precedes by each trade-making process. It is not more than convenient service; you can adjust the platform by means of it and to be ready to conclude the trade within short time if recommendation is confirmed. But it happens not always. The trading is not in progress to the preliminary block any way. We wait for moving it into main table. - The faster you buy upon signal came in the table the more precise will be entry. We actuate timer for your convenience, you may trade while it is working; as soon as it stops to count it’s better not to purchase. Countdown is performed for 25 seconds. Otherwise this time may be called as "lifetime". But anyway it’s not worth pull to the end, you should purchase as quick as possible. - You may use Martingale if losses are fixed to 1 candle. We do not recommend to do it for rookies because risks are increased greatly in this case.