Japanese Candlestick Chart Analysis

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Currently the most popular graph type is a Japanese candlestick charting (a lot of statistical studies inform it). It applies for more three hundred years, but it was not almost used for long years outside Japan. This trend has reversed over the 50 years because trader made sure to work through them is more convenient than employ other graphic tools. Moreover they provide a fairy precise picture of market based on the price only. Even supporters from classic western analytical school say about candles convenience. We decided to ease the task for traders (that face difficulties to identify the price model independently) and provided a web service that all calculations does for you. The service provides only data about where and when the pattern is formed as a candle combination analysis. And all this online!

Platform for trading on Japanese candlestick charting

Certainly Japanese candle models are used only for manual detection модели японских свечей initially. But time moves on. Now it makes no sense to stay by the monitor all the time with opening of tens tabs and to monitor the goings-on. This is a great disadvantage: 1 Hundreds of candle models exist. The popular models exist in several dozen. As a result you shall know perfectly the each model and to be ready for every minute the model may be formed. 2 Rapid response. Even seconds are particular in binary options that are why everyone needs to be able to see model fast, to identify it and to decide. Everything requires certain efforts. But we decided to make easy traders’ operations and made a special algorithm that identify Japanese candlesticks’ models on the market independently and to gather information on them for real -time. These data are provided in the table that is located above. You may use these data for trades’ execution. This approach is convenient because it is free from mistakes. Where a man’s eye may be wrong equipment has no mistakes.

How to work with signals

Japanese candlestick specificity is that they have no clear recommendation for action. In fact this recommendation exists, but there is no clear definition when a deal shall be closed. You can’t say to buy binary option for 15minutes or open trade for 2 days. And yet strangely enough that’s not a disadvantage. The candlesticks ensure valuable information about market current state and its prospect. That’s why if trading model was formed long so a trader clearly understand which signal he should buy and how he should trade. Our service provide data on what candlestick model has been formed, on what currency pair it happens, on what time frame . The service shows a trend for trading as well. As a result a clear recommendation appears and it may be used in Forex and binary options.

What models can be

There is a wealth of Japanese candlesticks models and they will be added gradually to our service. We can provide the main models at the moment that have proven their validity and a lot of traders apply them. Here’s a list of models where candlestick combination analysis is accessible
  • Japanese candlestick charting – Hammer
  • Japanese candlestick charting - Hung
  • Japanese candlestick charting – Shooting star
  • Candles – Screen of dark clouds
  • Candles – Cloud gaps
  • Candles – Absorption
  • Candles - Tweezers
  • Harami
  • Japanese candlesticks’ windows
  • Evening star
  • Morning star
  • Grip for belt
  • Three black crows
  • Bull and bear counter attack
  • Japanese candlesticks three methods

Signals display procedure

Recommendations for candlesticks on this page are displayed as follows:

- "Active figures" – data is provided about candlesticks models which were formed at present and it can be traded on them. - "Result" - processing of given candlestick model is shown on the 5 following candle sticks.   Active signals are automatically moved down upon their operation is completed. The summary is sorted out in sequence of a signal receipt time. Ultimately the data is accessible for you as to all candlesticks models that have been formed within this signal platform. This is basis on whiсh analysis of received combinations happens.

 Who can use platform?

Signal on Japanese candlesticks is a universal tool that is used by all traders. The fact that candlesticks work are beyond any doubt. Certainly you should not think that only candlesticks permit to trade profitable for 100%. It is actually one of the traders’ main problems which begin to master Japanese candlestick models. People are pretty sure that models run like clockwork. Actually8 we‘re dealing with market, it is extremely unpredictable and can behave in different ways. Nevertheless a practical sense in candlestick is enormous. The main possibility of platform use with signals on Japanese candlesticks is confirmation of rebuttal of own trading strategy as well as study of current market position. It is very hard to look for candlestick model within graph visually but when the system finds it is not the same thing. After candle location you can see how a price is projected and how this prediction correlates with your vision of the situation. In fact we discuss an auxiliary tool that permits to say clear “yes” or “no” with answering - “Is it worth opening the trade?” The analysis of candle combinations is performed for it.
Practice shows that signals on Japanese candles are applied for medium-term and long-term trading. Some traders use them for scalping but in general it is required to give time for market turn necessarily (continuation), at least for 5 candles ahead.