Binary Options Economic Calendar

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Economic calendar plays an important role in binary trader operation. Each trader virtually looks in it occasionally in order to receive the data he’s looking for. Even they who are far from fundamental analysis in work pay their attention to significant macroeconomic statistic output in order to stay outside the market or vise versa. They try to catch the short-term trend caused by this or that news. As mentioned above the macroeconomic data are published from various states in economic calendar. All this information can be roughly divided in terms of their impact on markets. Special attention shall be given to important macroeconomic data that have a major impact on the market volatility after data output.

These data could include as follows:

1.Central banks interest rate. Major banks’ interest rates are published one time a month. These data may cause severe market move. Speeches of central banks heads take place together with pronouncement on interest rates. Official establishment reveal the current situation as well as economic prospects.
  1. Gross domestic product can be classified as the most important macroeconomic indicator of a State. These data are expressed in percents. Economic calendar publishes the preliminary data, current data as well as total data for the quarter. Gross domestic product reflects the economy state.
  1. Unemployment rate and inflation. These data are also important aspects in economy development of a State. Unemployment rate indicators may be published as in percentage as in the form of outstripping indicators that shows a number of persons requesting the unemployment benefit for example. As for inflation its indicator in the pure state is not published. However it can be found if you look at the statistics of consumer price index.
You can read about working with Economic calendar in user’s guide in more detail.  Thus Economic calendar of binary options is an important tool in trader’s hands and help make its trading as systemic and profitable one.