Currency pair euro – pound (EUR/GBP)

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Currency pair euro- pound (EUR/GBP) is an underlying asset that is among ten of most popular financial tool for traders.

Asset features

This is classic cross currency that is not traded free and consists of connective EUR/USD and USD/GBP. Thus high correlation is among these three assets . Serious correlation is often observed on them.

EUR/GBP real time chart

График 1

This is a real GBP rate to Euro that is formed on-line. Other elements (widgets) also displayed on the page that enables a prime and second analyst of market to this assets.

Short description

If describe the currency pair EUR/GBP, so a notion quietness will be the most right. Really this currency pair is very quiet with low volatility. That’s why traders adopt this asset especially with binary options trading. If you consider historical features of above currency you will note that a price may be within 2-4points in a single working day.

Trading features with above currency pair EUR/GBP are related to high unpredictability. It is concerned with this asset which is predictable in quantitative motion quite easy, but it’s analysed a little in technical and fundamental research. Qualified traders talk about the fact that sell signals use the most impact where pair EUR/GBP operates more correctly. As to trading long the most dangerous moments are emerged to be connected with unpredictable and impulsive motions. It is able to lead to the price of currency pair may grow or fall for a long time.

Market effect for pair Euro – British pound

Currency pair EUR/GBP has specific features to be connected with this pair response on internal and external factors in market. It’s possible to point out the following points:

1-Any economic news which are about countries of European Union as well as Great Britain separately . They can turn EUR/GBP into unpredictable asset.

2- Changes in interest rates of EU Central bank are required to note among important news that are necessary to take into account in trading obligatorily . This is one of base news which moves the currency pair British pound - Euro.

3- Change in Gross domestic product index among EU countries is a very important factor which defines the EU economic situation. It is inevitable to have an effect on quotes of pair Euro-Pound.

Please bear in mind that EUR/GBP is not separated currency and it may be predicted on the basis of other pairs’ price motion. For example it is observed the strong reverse correlation between euro - pound and pound- dollar. It’s pointed out that all currency pairs based on euro are related to each other. That’s why change on one asset can impact on another one with great probability.

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