EUR/USD Currency Pair at Binary Options

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Currency pair EUR USD is the most popular underlying assets. We propose the key data that might need you in operation with this asset. They are support level and resistance level that are recalculated every minute.

Underlying asset pair EUR USD is as the most popular among all assets, which trade in Forex and in binary options. Abbreviation is very simple - EUR (€) to USD ($). The date of bidding process start is thought to be the 1st of January, 2002. Since then this underlying asset is perceived as the most popular one that account for the majority of trades. Scope of trades that have been taking place with American and European currencies is about 87,5 % from all trades which takes place on exchanges.

The main problem in trading resides in the fact that various economic and politic factors influence on the trading process. It should be taken into account that Euro is the official currency of many states that’s why it’s important to grasp situation in the each state can influence on this currency pair

Read about work with table in the instruction more fully

EUR/USD exchange rate - foundations

The main property of this underlying asset is smoothness. If you look at the chart everyone see that all moves are smooth and without sharp rises( they happen, but very rarely). The next important point with regard to currency – it is more active in hours when American and European banks open. It makes sense because Euro is the all countries currency and USD is the USA currency. As soon as the countries banks are closed the asset becomes less mobile

The striking example of demonstrating is shown on the figure below where red bands indicate areas when American and European banks closed and green bands indicate areas when they open.
 Therefore you operate with strategies where focus is proposed on activity you need to trade in the day time It is for the price to be moved impulsive.

The following important feature of the underlying asset is a multiple activity. The situation on above asset is not usual for the rate of exchange when the price will go only upward or only downward. Generally these moves will go in all directions: first it is rise, then it is fall; or first it’s fall- then it’s rise. This information seemingly provides little but it describes the asset and provides insight that you may operate with asset on reversal and in trend using correction elements.


The example is given in the figure as the asset flow happens when European and American banks open. These moves are versatile in 95% cases! Only rare days can be exceptions but it makes clear the general rule. Often pair EUR-USD is recommended for a novice traders due to these properties in largely. This is also relevant in the context of large amount always on the asset and that’s why it is not affected by single peculators.

As to current time trend so ratio of European to American currency is in uptrend in 2016 with sharp edges of price band .

I’d like also to pay your attention to the fact that € to $ is seriously affected by Fibonacci levels.

It is often said that this tool has a mystical power in technical analysis but the power is expressed as much as possible with this pair . Please pay your attention on the figure below and as the asset price tests levels all the time reacting to them as in classic textbooks.


Correlation with other assets

Correlation is an important feature for operation in foreign exchange market. The assets are not separated including the pair EUR USD. They are closely related with other assets: in some cases this correlation is positive one, it’s negative one in some cases. As a whole this asset is closely related to the following:

  • USD/CHF. As a rule it has a reverse correlation. That’s why please remember that news on Switzerland and on franc can affect euro in USA.
  • GBP/USD. This asset is a lot like EUR/ USD on its movement and they often move to the strong correlation.
  • EUR/GBP. It has the reverse correlation in most cases.
  • NZD/USD. Dependence is not expressed but very often these assets move in one direction.

Please remember the correlation is not constant, it’s a temporary one. That’s why it should be checked at all times. And pair AUD-USD can be added to above list. This asset has no constant correlation but they with pair EUR USD often move in one direction.

What news do affect?

The pair EUR USD is affected by news from European area best of all as well as from USA. Do not forget that correlating countries have a strong impact especially Switzerland. The following news is allocated among the most events that should be considered:

  • Non-farm. The hardest news that comes from USA. Unemployment level in non-farm penalizes the asset very much.
  • Public speaking (press-conferences) of ECB and FRS top managers. А it’s pretty clear and predictable with FRS so the ECB top manager with his speeches often plays a dirty tick on market that suddenly begins to move sharply. The pair EUR USD is no exception (anyhow one of the EU leader speaks).
  • Publishing on GDP in USA influence on asset as well as on all countries that comprise the EU. The most meaningful reaction may be on data about GDP in Germany and England.
  • Rates of interest. FRS and ECB rates of interest are taken into account. They are published in various days.
  • Indices for consumer prices and producer prices.
  • Unconventional national events (wars, acts of violence, floods, political news, meetings and so on).You should pay attention on the news in USA, Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy as a whole.

It’s possible to continue this list but these are the milestones that certainly should be monitored. But anyway the economic calendar shall be monitored daily for news those related to USA , EU and Switzerland

EUR/USD rate for now


The asset quotation for today is one of the most important data which are key information not only for traders and for ordinary people in order to perform exchange operations. For your convenience we brought EUR USD online chart on this page which displays the rate in real-time for today. It’s possible to monitor not only for quotations by means of this chart but to perform the technical analysis of the asset. It’s possible to fix predicted values for $ and € for tomorrow be means of this graph.

The current rate in asset relies heavily on what extend the European and American banks behave. It is their activity defines rate and move quotes up and down. General rules for the movement are discussed above.

A little of history

While on the subject of the European common currency history it should be pointed out that idea of common currency creating in not new. Human history has known to create unified currency. Actually these attempts have been performed since cash emergence.

A range of ancient Greek cities enter into unions where money that were common in the each of them can be traded within all territory of this union. Hanseatic League was the one of the brightest attempts to create the common monetary system. The common coins have been emerged in fourteenth century that were recognized in main cities of the union - Cologne, Rostock, Novgorod and Pskov.

Attempts of change-over to common currency I performed in nineteenth century. However this process is accompanied with creation or union of states.  For example, it may be noted the creation of common monetary system in Italy or Switzerland as well as Germany. The creation of Latin League can be attributed to a real prototype of one European monetary system in 1865.

France, Switzerland and Belgium were founders of this interstate association. Greece has joined it three years ago. There was an automatic renewal in association- no state submits about its withdrawal until five- year agreement is terminated. Certainly the common currency in not emerged within association. However the specific requirements were set for coins. For example such requirements concerned a nominal value or weight. As before the each state have minted own coins.

As for Euro emergence so this monetary unit has replaced foreign currencies of member- states and it’s a singular one that effective within EU territory.

Officially the currency has emerged in 1999; however some prerequisites were for common currency emergence previously within the European Union organization. Euro-zone is expanded permanently and many members of the European Union express a will to cross over to common currency in the near future. And that in spite of multitude of states have the serious economic and bank problems. This is exactly what hitches the European Union members to introduce the common currency probably. As if it may sounds paradoxically but introduction of common currency can only mean the aid program wherein they need. And the each member may have the own program but everybody knows (as an example of Greece) EU don’t leave in hour of need. Although there is no alternative to euro-zone . To leave one of the states in hard situation means to put at risk the Euro-zone existence. Nobody wants that this day.

As it mentioned above EUR against USD have an enormous popularity among traders in the whole world. It’s associated with huge liquidity in part and everyone can find a lot of analytical data in Internet as to this currency pair. Quote of above currency group has four signs after the decimal point. It should be noted that powerful impulse motions are often on the pair under consideration. This also makes it attractive for many currency speculators.

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