Currency pair pound- yen

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Build levels within period :

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Candlestick statistics


Underlying asset pound– yen (GBP/JPY) is a cross currency pair that is formed based on the data of other pairs. At that the operations’ volumes объемы with this asset are quite high ones. It is related to the fact that currencies refer to the large exchanges and major economies. These are main push factors that motivate traders to perform active operations with this asset.


Build levels within period:


Classic levels




The nearest levels


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Asset features


It should be pointed out that currency pair “pond-yen” consists of base currency and auxiliary currency before consideration of this tool features. The question is about pound and yen properly

This implies a severe of above pair to pound. This is one of the major currencies in the world that is subjected to not only news concerned the Great Britain economy but it’s closely related to Euro positions.

JPY is more predictable asset in this regard. Certainly it is subjected to severe impact in some moments. As a whole it’s possible to talk of economic news from Japan influence on the “GBP/JPY” position to a large extent

That’s why you shall pay special attention on economic calendar with asset trading.

GBP JPY chart online


GBP/JPY chart online is shown below and you can monitor the asset quotes as well as perform the market analytics


Specific character in asset trading


It is above all necessary to note that for currency pair is inherent a strong motion and as a result a price change can reach some hundreds points during a day. At the same time it’s necessary to bear in memory about existence of key factors that have an impact to this currency. First of all they are as follows:


1-Gross domestic product of both countries is a key index that can have a base impact to this currency. Indeed we discuss the economic situation as well as its potential function. Investors are sensitive for such data and any negative news can bring down quotes in this sector.


2- Inflation rate in England and Japan is another very important economic factor. It’s possible to define a current status in country as well as state of domestic currency by mens of this factor. Because of above factors the inflation is excelled as a very important economic factor.

3- Pair GBP/JPY is very sensitive to change of interest rates that are formed by English and Japanese banks. Then increase in interest rates is able to reduce use of currency to a large extent that will result in quotes’ decrease in exchange.

There are other external and internal factors that are responsible for currency formation but the factors above are considered as key ones. It should be set off the following indices among additional economic factors: unemployment level, indicators of external production as well as the quarter and annual balance sheets of National banks from both countries

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