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Platform for binary options trading is shown on a given page.  Above platform is a valuable tool that makes possible a practical training in binary options trading on key underlying assets on full demo account. The above platform advantage is the fact that it’s provided free of charge and for anyone.

Why platform needs and how it works

The binary option trading has become ordinary for traders which prefer these particular deals that have a tangible profit in a relatively short time. There are plenty of trading ways but it all starts from Demo Account in any case. Our platform provides it for binary options trading. Possibility to close classic deals is shown here with expiration date from 1minute to 4 hours. 15 currency pairs are available as underlying assets along with silver and gold. To receive the platform practical use it’s activation is required. Read more about this in Instruction. Ultimately the platform will be for use which is:
  • accessible free immediately after the site registration.
  • provided as the classic binary options with various expiration date for trading.
  • executed trading with a click of a button without any delay.
  • admitted the current market conditions analyst to execute.

What do you need for a successful trade?

Probably, “what to do” is a favourite question for rookies. I will be trivial and say only this – it’s required to study over and over again as Lenin predicted. For example, if you are just acquainted with binary options and don’t know exactly what that tool is - please study our binary options trade Course. It is free and most of the questions arising from rookies are examined there. Then I can advise a webinar from our portal. Basic questions for operation of binary options market are dealt in detail there. Specificity of contracts and brokers’ working are also considered in the webinar. I won’t cite another videos on binary options trading since it is required to start with the basics namely. Hereinafter you can find a lot of educational videos on our YouTube channel. And bear in mind as soon as you stop studying to trade and knowing about market, you’ll take a step backwards. Then it will be very hard to make up for the lost time.

How simple is it everything?

The binary option trading is shown either as a very easy process or as a very complex one in Internet. The first of all speak that everything is a primitive thing – go up or down and prices may be guessed even by children. The second ones use complicated formulas and descriptions after which most of traders feel stupor and fear of a market. Uniquely we could say options are not so easy as they are, but options are not quite as hard. Now I give an example. Imagine please, you are wished to demonstrate some new hi-tech thing. You are informed this thing is in the room but in order to see it you shall go through another two rooms where it’ll be shown the thing’s principle of operation as additional. You see complex formulas and calculations in the first room wherein you grasp a little. There are continuous drawings in the second room. You are terrified of misunderstanding what awaits you. Then you go into the third room and can see… an ordinary washing machine. It’s quite complicated machine but used everywhere. The same principle is laid in traded contracts.  It is complex financial instrument but very easy and simple to apply. This is the main truth about binary options trading. We make such deviation off the topic on purpose so that rookies realized they shall never try at once to become experts and to understand more in trade for 100%. You need time to do it. It’s common in everything.
In order to wash you don’t need to know the principle of washing machine operation. In due course you‘ll be able to take care in details of its operation. The same is in binary options. You don’t need to know the trading subtleties but you’ll grasp the science over time.

 Platform operating time

Our platform is working for days when exchanges are open from Monday to Friday. The platform is accessible at the week end, it’s possible to look through the deals’ history, but trading is not in progress. It is related to the fact that markets are closed and there are not quotations. There is time for binary options trading.  We do not use OTC quotations, because there is a variety of reasons exists:
  1. ОТС are unreal quotations. Don’t you believe? For example open platforms of 2 or 3 brokers providing OTC and compare prices as well as trends. You will be surprised how everything is different.
  1. As for OTC quotations, they certainly exist, but not in such a form, as binary options brokers have.
Tradable quotes are provided on the platform, they may be checked. Accordingly they are accessible during exchanges operation.

Binary options trading

Now let us review the depths of binary options work from point of their functionality view. Let us consider deals’ types and principles of their conclusions.

Which do options exist?

Now we won’t go into jungle and look which contracts’ types are invented by third rate brokers. Let us fix attention on some basic things. All binary options are divided into two large categories.
  • CALL option. Making the bull deal, so for the purchase.
2-   PUT option. Making the bear deal, so for the sale . If I believe that price is increased, I’ll purchase CALL option, otherwise I’ll purchase PUT option. The rest are already modifications which are not important. One touch, Ladder, Option builder- exactly 2 deals’ types are underlaid in trading principles. These are all classic binary options in any case with some modification. There are just classic options are shown on the platform which accounted more than 90% of all contracts.

Binary options trading is deception or not.

One of the most common questions from traders is a deception or a trading. Once again there are two divisions of people, which will argue as pros as cons. But what is interesting:
  • There a lot of examples about peoples virtually making money off of trading in Internet. It is the first positive sign.
  • The options popularity becomes more and it confirms positive moment of above contracts indirectly
  • Increasing control by the State. If binary options exist separately for some years ago so now they are controlled.
  And what does “deception” means? Is this an attempt to rook and deceive? Such ways are inherent to small brokers. Large companies’ customers confirm that everything depends on your skill ultimately. If you can trade - you‘ll earn money. Although it is very convenient to funnel a deposit to own stupidity and then to accuse a broker which so -called deceive you . It’s the truth about deception in binary options trading. Certainly it is not the perfect tool, but it shouldn’t exaggerate – everyone can earn money.

Trading feedbacks

We should like to show the trading feedbacks about binary options trade from analysts Sergey Zagorsky and Dmitry Lebedev at the end of article.  Although during daily trade I use binary options in their direct purpose as a risks limiter on the tools which have no such functionality, but have no objection to use them as a simple, clear and self-contained tool. Sergey Zagorsky. I’d  like to refer to newcoming traders and say that options are not simple  ones as they seems. I am surprised as people put on rose- colored glasses and can see only a gold mountain when coming in trading. Somewhere out of there… But they are not interested in the way to this mountain. I hardly think so that you are cleverer than market and can “tear” it at full speed. Many people who count themselves by superior traders burn their fingers rigidly. That’s why first of all study market and its fundamental concepts. It is a trading base. To do further steps is aimlessly without it. Even you will make such steps at the first stage and everything will be not too bad (as you know, newcomers are lucky) so negative income will be in total nevertheless. If there is no firm foundation the house will be poor. When the person has no foundation, he plays more than trades keeping his fingers crossed Dmitry Lebedev And finally… Experts comments You are proposed to study experts’ opinions about binary options. Some video is selected wherein above matter is under consideration in details. These are practicable comments about binary options and a lot of proper things are in them.