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Real-time chart for binary options is a unique analytic tool for traders whereby the possibility emerges to monitor the market trends as well as to perform its analysis without installation any add-in programs for own computer. Overall operations take place on a real-time basis and are free of charge. Binarymag has figured above page intentionally in such a way that you are able to use several windows at once that more convenient greatly versus the classic version.

 Real-time chart main features

Real-time chart for binary options online is an up-to-date tool without which it’s impossible to imagine a trader operation. The technical analysis is performed by means of it as well as assets quotes monitoring. Besides the following possibilities are accessible for traders:
  • Indicators use. It is no secret that most strategies are founded on technical indicators. Most of them are accessible on this platform, and a trader has no restrictions as regards a setting and results display.
  • Market acceptance simplifying. The market also is graphic forms (models) and it needs to work with them. The lines, channels, Fibonacci and other elements are available that makes the graphical analysis easier.
  • Various charts use. So many people, so many minds. Somebody is more convenient to read about market using Japanese candlesticks charting. Somebody is interested in American bars. Somebody prefers linear type for data display. Any binary options chart known within market is accessible for you.
  • Possibility of control for building period. You can formulate a principle for graphical display from 1 minute to 1 year and therefore expand your analyst. All settings are kept when passing to another period.
Lately free charts online ensured stability greatly in binary option and other markets ahead of stationary terminals. It’s easily explained because everything is so much easier in that case and there is no need to arrange something extra. In order to perform the market analysis you should only open this page and use the tools which are available there.
The chart which is shown on this page for Binarymag portal is an elaboration of TradingView company, which does the quotes delivering and the progress of the platform for a long time. Hence investors occasionally note some discrepancies in quotes’ figures and a broker quotes’ figures on the platform. But it’s not a key question as far as quotes are different of all brokers. Don’t you believe? Find 5 brokers and check their quotes- discrepancies will be available.
It’s not important accuracy to pip value but dynamics. It must coincide. Chart indicators and other tools Indicators are the basic advantage when chart applying because market main analyzing takes place by means of their assistance. Why is this advantage for the specified elaboration? Because hundreds of “stupid persons” from widely various areas and with different building principles are displayed on it . I will not bring this up thoroughly, but I can tell you may receive additional data in division that is devoted specifically to graphic elements on the platform. The key advantage possessed by chart is interactivity. All changes take place online in real time without any delay. This enable of full operation with building of trading signals with timely response. Extra advantage of above page is as follows- you can configure all settings for displaying: level, period, areas, figures and so on. Everything that you need in market analysis is right here. Real-time chart for binary options propose the exact quotes which are updated without delays and redrawing. The quotes are given from 4 various groups- currency, shares, indices and goods - like brokers. It is proposed some quotes versions (to choose from) in some cases to find ones that are compatible best with your broker. All underlying assets are accessible on the page, above assets are used by traders most often. You will find data about assets and what has an impact on them and what specifics they have which are important to consider during trading. You can check those conclusions to be submitted on the page loading corresponding assets and making its analysis. A lot of tools are shown on the chart and each trader will take that tool which will interest him exactly. The strategies can be tested, analysed and created by you here. You will be able to receive signals and to trade on them in real time. And it is all because of on-line chart is generated without delays. You can see at once what happens on market as a professional “player”.

Platform extra functionality

Using the interactive functionality for platform in your operation you shall remember it is not just focused on binary options. It provides the market quotes to the assets that are used at any markets. That’s why you’ll be able to analyse any asset and to move data to any market using the chart. That’s why don’t limit yourself including the tools for analysis
I provide an example. You are oriented to Renko chart in your trading and market analysis. You don’t need to find platforms where this tool is set. You just open this page, choose required chart type and that’s all. It’s very easy!
We can list the additional advantages that arise for a trader, which will use a real-time chart. I' ll not do it now and say only one thing – try for yourself and you make sure how convenient it is. And how above chart makes a trader’s life easier .